Database Specialist

Our partner organisation, Snow Leopard Trust, is looking for a Database Specialist based in Bangalore or Bishkek.

Job Description

Creation and management of large and long-term datasets is becoming essential for wildlife research and conservation. These include aspects such as monitoring wildlife crime, evaluating and monitoring the performance of conservation programs, monitoring wildlife populations, etc.

Large, robust datasets are missing for snow leopards, information on wildlife crime is mostly scattered in media and agency reports, and what data are collected are largely not accessible to enforcement agencies. Wildlife population monitoring including camera trap data, or data on conservation programmes, lie on scattered in various locations and devices.


The Snow Leopard Trust is seeking a Database Specialist to create, manage and analyze databases. The position is being announced for an initial a period of 2 years.

Scope of activities

1 Create and modify wildlife conservation databases

2 Work closely with programmers and artificial intelligence experts to develop a system to collect information scattered across the internet to populate the database with historic and current instances of poaching and illegal trafficking of snow leopards

3 Daily monitoring of occurrences, events and information about snow leopard related crime across the world, and periodic monitoring of data related to conservation programs and wildlife populations

4 Develop algorithms to extract spatial patterns and temporal trends from the datasets

5 Facilitate where relevant, sharing of information among different organizations within and outside the government to populate the databases

6 Prepare periodic and need-based reports

7 Participate in periodic meetings and planning workshops

8 Periodically travel to remote locations to cross-validate some information, collect data, support on-going field exercises, etc.


✓ A degree in database management, data science, programming or a related field

✓ Experience in data management in wildlife related field will be desirable

✓ At least 3 years of experience of working with databases

✓ Good data management skills

✓ Knowledge of GIS tools and handling large spatial datasets

✓ Good communication skills to periodically engage with various organizations and individuals ranging from frontline staff to senior officials

✓ Strong reporting skills to provide periodic reports based on analyses of data

✓ Flexibility to travel periodically

✓ Knowledge of English is essential, and Russian will be desirable

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